The Silent Scream

No text since last december. No call since last november. Didn’t met since last july. But you still remember them even when you didn’t have a minute glance of theirs from a long time.
Why so ?
Why do they still acquire a noticeable amount of space of your mind palace and especially your heart ? Why do you care for them when you know that they don’t give attention to your existence ?
Answer. It’s pretty simple. It’s your bond. Even if it is one sided. Everyday your heart steps out of your chest and walks to their doorstep waiting for the moment when the door opens. With a hope. You know when the door opens you have to face that harsh look. But all you want to do is to hug them hard like you are never gonna let them go.
The real question arises here is that is there any possibility ? The person who keep on ignoring the texts, calls, is still interested in meeting you ?
No. You’re dead my friend. For them you were never there. They don’t care whatever your condition is. No matter how good friends you both were earlier. Now there stands a silence and a scream. Whatever high decibel the scream reaches. It will be overrided by the other one’s silence.
And the irony is, you do know this. You know there’s no more scope of bonding up again. Your mind knows the truth but heart always denies this. You still wait for the day when they will come back, apologize for this rejection. But it’s never going to happen. They moved on. Then why not you ? It’s just a mind game.
The day when your mind will realize that it’s all just a bunch of false hopes, that day your feet will make a step themselves.
That day you will attain salvation from this world of false hopes, fake people, fake friendships. That day will be your new birth.
So go.
Step out.
Explore yourself.
And let them go.


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