There he was. Lying on bed. Totally unconscious about the outside world. He was in coma from last 1 year.
There she was. Sitting next to him. Absolutely aware of the world and reason for his unconsciousness. She was in trauma from last 1 year.

Seems like it happened yesterday only. Again she went into the deep flashback. Flashback of their affection, relation and her rejection.
They met at a social gathering of a mutual friend of theirs. His presence was a must as he was the best friend of her best friend. Yes there’s a difference between “he best friend” and “she best friend”. They were introduced and according to her he was an adorable person. In that short meeting they both had a good time. With a promise of meeting again, they left.
One day while juggling through her news feed she got a notification. It was a friend request from him. After a quick game of yes no yes no she accepted his request. Then started a continuous flow of texts. Some made her giggle, some made her laugh out loud. They exchanged their numbers too. So now their text converted into speech. In this way, the new friends became good friends.

One day during a conversation he proposed her. Even though she liked the way he proposed, she denied. She like him as a friend but never thought of relation. It took him 3 days to text her back. The chit-chat started again but not like the previous ones. She realized that he is not that intresting now. He’s losing his path. Every text, every call they had seemed her like boring intrest. Yes she was losing her intrest in him. In this way one day she at last stopped talking to him. He sent numerous texts, called a hundred time. But everytime he gets only disappointment.

It’s been around 6 months after the last text he sent. It was Christmas day and she got a message wishing her Merry Christmas. She was unable to recognize the number. She asked who’s this ? A mere silence took place in the era of loud music and celebration. It was him who wanted to start all this with new beginning. He used to think that she was angry due to some reason. He thought it’s been 6 months after the last message. She might be normal now. But this “who’s this ?” killed him bit by bit. All the hope and expectations were drowning with every second.
It was mid February when she was hanging out with her friends. While crossing the road she accidentally dropped her phone mid way. When she leaned down to pick up her phone someone pushed her hard. The very next moment she was on the side and someone was lying on the mid road. When she gained her consciousness she moved towards the person who was there and shocked by the scene. It was him. Covered with blood and people all around him. Now she realized why she felt a hard push. While picking up the phone a speedy car was approaching towards her and he saved her. But in return he was injured badly.

She was in the flashback then suddenly the medical equipments around started beeping loudly. She called the doctor. He was losing his breath. His pulse was dropping. The heart beat was continuously decreasing and………………

It’s was her who accepted his friend request. It was her approached to meet him. It was her who drowned his expectations, his hopes.
It was her who was waiting for him to gain his consciousness, it was her who wanted to apologize. It was her who wanted him back.
But this time it was him who rejected her.


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