Superiority Complex

“Muneevar, Where the hell are you dumb idiot ?”
“Coming Madamji”
“I’m calling you from last 20 minutes. Where were you ?”
“Madamji I was…”
” Stop making excuses. Go and see if the clothes are back from laundry or not.”

It may look like a normal conversation between a proprietor and her servent but believe me it’s not. In humanitarian point of view, it’s not a normal conversation. Actually it’s not a conversation. It’s humiliation. Any act which harms someone either physically or verbally is humiliation.

Wait !

Isn’t it how some of us treat our servant ? And why only servant ? The sweeper, the garbage collector,the peon and many more like them. No matter how they feel, they do their work even though they are illtreated by some members of the literate, educated society.
But why ? Why do they do this ?
Because they think they are superior. Superior in every way, money, property, social status, lifestyle. But what’s the benefit of such superiority which awards you right of insulting someone.
Many people call it superiority. I call it superiority complex, like inferiority complex. Unlike Inferiority Complex which is a state of mental illness, It is mentality. Mentality which let you think that you can squeeze anyone inferior to you under your thumb. Money, social status gives you power, not the right.
Remember, they are in this state by their fate. Not by their choice.

So ask yourself. Are you suffering from The Superiority Complex?

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