Planning For An Attempt ? Better Read This First.

“Result – Failed, Life – Passed”
“Betrayed lover hugs death”
“Harassment Victim complaints to death god”
“Depressed employee joins the suicide squad.”

DEATH : A five letter word. Hotter than the Sun’s core, colder than the Pluto’s surface. Generally occurs in two ways : Naturally and Intentionally. But comprises of only one meaning : END OF LIFE.

We all know what death is. Then why I’m describing it ? Why I’m defining it ? Because some of our friends are misconcepting it. And that misconception is SUICIDE.
Everyday there’s a trending article on Facebook or Twitter with #tag BlahBlahSuicide. And that’s what the above headlines are about. Well sucide is not an easy step to follow. Also it’s not a heroic attempt.

The victim must be so depressed, so killed by the life, so insulted by their own guilt and many so scenarios in their mind while they were trying to make the move. Seriously is it a solution ? How do they figured it out that the life beyond that full stop is full of joy, a life with no sorrows ? Is there and answer to these questions ?
Absolutely no. There are no answers to these questions.

But did they know that they were being selfish ?
Selfish ? Seriously ? In which way ?
You may think I’m cracking a joke on such a serious topic. Believe me. I’m not. The very moment when the idea of applying a full stop in front if their journey came into their mind, they started being selfish. The moment when they picked up that phosphorus tablet, the moment when they tighten the rope on the neck, the moment when they slid the table below their feets they were being selfish. They didn’t thought of their loved ones. They didn’t had any idea what will the brother’s, father’s, mother’s, sister’s condition when they will see them hanging, releasing that white froth out of the mouth. What will be their condition when they will light the corpse ? Corpse not only of their loved one’s. Corpse of their ambitions. Corpse of their dreams. It all will be dead in a moment. And they think the step they are taking will be in the favor if their family.

Suicide is not a solution. There’s no problem in the world larger than life. The culprit who is yet to be arrested will not be awarded a heavy imprisonment by ending up one’s own life. 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or 10 years, they will be out once the confinement is over. To the core, it will be the victim who washed up their life thinking about the society. The society who is always unaware of you. They don’t know what you ate in the lunch or what are your dinner plans. And they care about that society ? They will forget what happened to you. They will be normal as regular in the very next moment. The family is the only one who is concerned about you and in the end it will be the family which will no longer be normal as ever.

Planning for an attempt ?
Go for it.
Plan your empowerment.
Plan your wit.
Plan to let down your sorrow, your pain.
Plan to become a better person than before.
Because suicide is not an option. It’s a full stop.

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