It’s Complicated (Part 1)

The rain was descending on the glass window of that cafe and he was sitting inside with a cup. With every sip out of the cup his eyes were trying to capture as much as of the view out of the window.
And why would anyone would like to miss the scene. Sitting alone in that large cafe, by the window with heavy rain outside. The cafe was situated at a beautiful street of the city with the most adorable scenery consisting of downhill view on the other side of the road. You can guess yourself view. But Aniket’s mind was somewhere else.

3 years ago………..

“What an adorable bad luck I have today.” Aniket spoke to himself. He was running 30 minutes late for the college and even missed the only bus which arrives at a regular interval of 30 minutes. He checked his watch, still 15 minutes were remaining for the next ride. Again he cursed his late riser habit as per his daily routine and made an oath to himself that he will change his habit. Despite of owing a two wheeler he preferred public transport as it was the only option to enjoy the natural beauty of Shimla.
Well somehow he reached his college but missed his first lecture.
“Welcome Sir. Came so early today. Any special purpose ?”, his friend Deepak said.
“Come on dude.”, Aniket said.
“What come on ? You missed the important topic today. How can you forget man ?”
“Oh Shit ! I just forgot that. Leave this and please give me the notes.”, Aniket said “But let’s go to the canteen first. I didn’t had my breakfast today.”
“Ok Boss. Let’s rob the inventory today.”, Deepak said and they both went on laughing.
“Mahira is in a new relationship.”Aniket said.
“Whoaky.” Deepak answered taking a big bite of rhe grilled sandwich.”Woah Woah  it’s hot, hottttt”.
Aniket passed the cold drink to Deepak.
After a quick relief Deepak said “I just can’t understand this girl Mahira. She had her breakup just 2 weeks ago and now she’s in a new relationship.”
“Don’t know bro what’s in her mind. After her last breakup she said that she trusts no one. Everyone is same.” Aniket said.
“Maybe she got a better trustworthy guy.”
“Hope so.” Aniket said. “Forget this. It’s not our matter. Ok tell me about………….”

Mahira was Aniket’s best friend since school time. Both the classmates separated when they joined their respective colleges. But she was the only one whom Aniket was in touch with. They both shared everything whatever resides in their lives and minds. Since Aniket was a bit simple personality it was Mahira who had tons of things to talk about and Aniket always used to accompany her.
“Hey Aniket.” It was Mahira’s call. Usually she don’t calls during college time. But this time she had some special plans for the day. “Listen I’m going to The Ridge with some friends. Wanna Join ?”
“No Dear. Have some lectures today.” Aniket said.
“Oh come on dude. You’re always into these lectures and all. If you’ll study all the time then when you’ll enjoy life. Please come na.” Mahira said in a complaining tone. “I’ll introduce my new friend also.”
“Hmmm, Ok. By what time you’ll be there ?” Aniket said.
“11:30. Fine ?” Mahira told Aniket.
“Fine.” Aniket confirmed.

Aniket reached the ridge by 11:30 and was waiting for Mahira and her friends. He took out his phone to call her then suddenly he saw her with her group. She came with her three friends.
“Hey. Bit late.” Aniket complained.
“Sorry to make you wait.” Mahira apologized. “Meet my friends Prince, Divya and Ankita. And guys He’s my best buddy Aniket.” Mahira said introducing her new friends.
“Hello.” Aniket greeted them.
“Hi.” Said Divya.
“Hey bro. Nice to meet you.” Prince said hugging him.
“Heard a lot about you.” Ankita said in a bit naughty tone.
Aniket smiled. “Is that so ? You made me famous Mahira.” Aniket said and they laughed.
During the time they all spent on The Ridge Mahira and Prince had their own space and Aniket, Ankita and Divya their own. No doubt Aniket had a good time with them. But this was point where it all started.
The night after the ridge meeting, Aniket was bit sleepless, riding in his own fantasies. He sat on his bed, took his laptop, logged into his Facebook account and after 15 minutes of deep search, sent a friend request to Ankita Sharma.

Next day Aniket reached his college on time. Attended all his lectures. Had a fun outing with his friends. But apart from this his mind was quite distracted also.
It’s been 16 hours and his request was still pending. Aniket never bothered for such things ever. But this time he was bit anxious. He worried if Ankita declines his request. While his mind was plotting the ‘If – What’ scenarios, his phone beeped. Aniket took out his phone and checked. He got a notification saying “Ankita Sharma accepted your friend request. Now you can see what Ankita shares with her friends.” Aniket became excited like a kid. His friends were looking at him with amusement. They never saw Aniket reacting like this earlier. Aniket realized the dignity of the place when Deepak pointed him out “Bro ! What happened ? Look so excited.”
Aniket came back to the real world “Ya I’m ok. Nothing special.” and kept smiling like he was caught.
That night Aniket was busy scrolling his news feeds that suddenly he got a message “Hi Aniket.” It was Ankita.
“Hey.” Aniket replied. “How are you ?” he added.
“I’m fine. I was going through your profile. Quite interesting must say.” Ankita said.
“Really ! Thank you. 🙂 ” He said, smiling.
That night they both talked till 2 in the night until both of them felt sleepy.
Aniket and Ankita started talking everyday. Their conversation now shifted from Facebook to their phone’s inbox. He started spending time with Mahira and her friends so that he can be with Ankita as much as possible. The duration he spent with Ankita was one of his happiest ones.
One night during a conversation, Aniket did something which Ankita was totally unaware of.
“Ankita” Aniket said “If you permit me, I want to say something. Can I ?”
“Yaa Ofcourse. You have my permission.
:-p :-)” Ankita said teasing Aniket.
“Listen” Aniket said “I know I’m exactly 2 months 22 hours and 50 minutes late.” he added “But, Miss Ankita Sharma, will you be my valentine for the rest of my life ?”.



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