The Note

‘Knock Knock’
‘Knock Knock’
‘Knock Knock’
‘Knock Knock’

“Open the door Abhi. Are you listening? Still sleeping? Wake up Abhi. It’s already 1 in the afternoon.”
“Abhi! Abhinay are you in there? Abhinay? Abhinay?
Abhinay Are you ok?”
“Hello. Sharma Ji! Abhinay is in his room and not opening the door.”
“Don’t worry ji. The good soul maybe sleeping.”
“Sharma Ji he never slept till now ever. Also he’s not responding to my calls. There’s something wrong Sharma Ji. There is something wrong.”
“What are you saying Abhinay’s mother? Don’t worry I’m coming home. Be calm and also inform Mr. and Mrs. Gupta.”
Mr. Sharma arrives home after 30 minutes and saw Mrs. Sharma and Mrs. Gupta sitting together while Mr. Gupta was still at Abhinay’s room’s door.
“What happened? Any response?” Said Mr. Sharma.
“No Sharma Ji. Nothing. His phone is also switched off.” Mr. Gupta Said.
Mr. Sharma rushed to Abhinay’s door and started beating it heavily.
“Abhinay! Abhinay! Are you listening? Open the door beta. Abhinay!”
“Sharma Ji i think we should samsh the door.” Mr. Gupta Said.
“Yes. You are right Gupta Ji.” said Mr. Sharma. After 3-4 attempts both succeeded in opening the door.
Inside the dark room, th3 AC was operating at full blast while on the bed was lying Abhinay’s switched off laptop and right next to it, Abhinay himself.
“Are you seeing Gupta Ji. We all here full tensed and the prince is sleeping here.” Mr. Sharma said and walked towards him. “Wake Up you idiot.”
“Sharma Ji! Something is wrong here.” said Mr. Gupta walking towards Abhinay and placed his fingers under his nostrils and then his head onto Abhinay’s chest.
He gave a dead look to Mr. Sharma.
“What happened Mr. Gupta? Why are you looking at me like this? Is there something wrong?” asked Mr. Sharma.
After a moment of silence Mr. Gupta answered “He is dead Sharma Ji.”

After an hour the whole scene completely changed. A huge crowd gathered outside Mr. Sharma’s house while the cops trying to control the rush. Inside was Abhinay’s dead body lying on the bed while the Guptas consolidating the Sharmas.
“Mr. Sharma. We found an empty bottle of sleeping pills and this note. The suicide note.” Said the Inspector.
“Suicide note?” Mr. Sharma asked and took the piece of paper.
“I am completely responsible for my act. Nobody encouraged me to take this step. I’m taking this step in my full consciousness and awareness. : Abhinay Sharma” said the note.
A few words explained Abhinay’s demise and the Sharma family’s loss.

Few Days Later……..

‘Ding – Dong’
Rang the doorbell. A girl opned the door.
“Miss Sakshi Arora?” Said the postman.
“Yes.” the girl answered.
“Here’s a post for you. Please sign here.” the postman said.
“Hmm.” and she received the envelope.
She came inside and opened the envelope.
“A letter? Who can send me this?” she said to herself and started reading it.

          I’m omitting ‘dear’ because you took that right from me a few days ago. Well leave it. No harsh feelings. After all it’s my last message to you. So i urge you, like rest of my messages don’t ignore this one.
I still remember the day we first met. Who knew that the boring ordinary day will turn into an unforgettable event. A budding introduction turned into a deep relationship and we both enjoyed each other’s presence since then.
Do you remember the day when you got into a fight with your classmate regarding the seating arrangement during the lecture and i showed my concern over it. Well honestly speaking, it’s the most weirdest issue to fight over. The thing is, life is made of such silly fights to think over later and laugh at our stupidity.
Sakshi. I never thought of being into a relationship until i saw you. Don’t know how it went over to this level but you meant everything to me. You were like my favorite novel. Every night when others were busy snoring, i was into reading the novel, a never ending novel. Atleast for me.
One day when you asked me to meet, i judged that something is wrong. And my judgement came true when you said that you want to part away. And you gave such a silly reason. You said that you don’t want to betray your parents.
Tell me one thing Sakshi, when did our relationship turned into a betrayal? Is it a joke? I urged to stay. I assured you that we will find a solution for it. But you came with a mindset of breaking up. So you did.
Our oath to live together forever got destroyed like a sand castle.
I adore you Sakshi. I adore your habit of swinging your fingers through your hair. I adore your craziness for monsoon. I adore your late night talks. I adore your silly mistakes. I adore our little fights. I adore your cravings for spicy food and sweetest icecream afterwards. I adore your decision of letting go.
Well in this lifetime, i can’t give the place which i already gave to you. And like you already said, you don’t want to be a part of this relationship. I’m left with no other option Sakshi.
Today i understand the importance of a post box right next to my house.
By the time you receive this letter, I’ll be watching you from up there.
Just a little bit confused : from heaven or from hell.

Yours Loving

By the time she finished reading, the ink on the letter washed away some words.
On the other hand, Abhinay’s parents were still in shock, in amusement that why did he took such step?


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