Are You Doing It Right?

It’s been like several months since I started this blog. Wrote fictional posts and shared with you guys. But this time, I want to share some personal thoughts.
Since we are from the social media generation, we all came across posts talking about sour and broken relationships or similar. Usually they always seems to be tacky and way far from the reality scenarios.
But believe me, they are actually real. Yes! These kinds of shits, actually happen.
I’m not going to reveal my case or complain that life is so unfair. But actually drive your thoughts to the other face of the case.
Did you ever thought how all this started? No I’m not talking about the first meeting and all stuff. I am asking how you got into this.

Well these situation starts with a bunch of misunderstandings like “She’s talking to me nicely. Maybe she’s interested in me.” or “He’s nice, handsome, good looking. Maybe he can be my soul mate.” Well, all such things are actually nothing less than hoax. Dude, you guys started with a friendly approach and she’s just maintaining it and girls, what is inside that good looking handsome body is what really matters. So typically we carry on with the flow of misunderstandings and then arrives a BOOM. That’s where the flow ends leaving a long lasting influence. The person of your admiration leaves you in the middle of nowhere and you, standing there; absolutely clueless, just curse your luck.

The question is, is it a result of your fortune? Or is there something else?

You know what, there is so much wrong in these scenarios. One above the all is, taking the other person for granted.
Guys, it takes a hell lot of time and patience to win a heart. You will walk towards, you will fall. But those who rise again and try again are the real winners.

Second thing, are you their priority? If not, then nothing can work.
Third, do you understand each other? No matter if you are an aspiring artist or budding economist, you need to deal with this chemistry with mush precision. One wrong equation and you are exploded.


Fourth and most important, be the real you. Because by the end of day that’s what actually matters. You don’t need to show your temporary face. If you are good by heart, they will love you. The love and affection by that time will be much greater by the margin you expected.
So, take your time, learn by your previous mistakes and “Jaa Simran Jaa. Jee le apni zindagi.”


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