The Girl in My Red Jacket

Few months later, he accessed his archive folder where he usually transfers the group messages and texts from people who never bothered him. But this time, the reason was different, reason to move over. To clear memories which were his weakness.
“I don’t think this is working.” Jiya messaged.

“Hm? I don’t get you.” Zakir replied.
“I want to end this. I’m sorry but I don’t want to talk. Anymore.” Jiya said.
“What happened?” Zakir asked.

“Jiya is everything okay? You fine?” he sent another message.

But his texts were only been sent, not delivered, nor read. Zakir called her. But after several unsuccessful attempts he realized she blocked his number.
“WHAT THE FUCK!” Zakir said and called Ruhana, Jiya’s roommate.
“Hello Ruhana, Zakir here.”
“Oh! Hello. Wassup?”

“Is Jiya there?” Zakir asked.

By judging his tone Ruhana asked, “What happened Zakir? Is everything alright?”

“Is Jiya there Ruhana?” Zakir questioned again.

“No. But wha…….” Zakir ended the call before Ruhana can understand the situation.

On the other hand Zakir was also wondering that what happened due to which Jiya ended their 2 year relationship in just few words.

The girl of his desire, his dream left him alone in the crowd of a million people. He never thought of such situation to happen. But the reality was standing in front of him with a poker face.

Zakir was a different kind of person. In the present day where everyone roamed with a coating of bluff on their face, he was a guy who took everything seriously. That’s why his family loved him. That’s why his friends loved him. But the girl, whom he loved from the very core of his heart, left him.

“Dude, she is a bitch. I don’t why a girl will leave you without giving any reason?” Zakir’s friend Navi said.

“Hm.” Zakir responded to Navi’s point without paying much attention to him.

“Don’t worry dude. She’s not the only one. There are many more out there better than her.” Navi said.

“She is the only one.” Zakir murmured.


After that he never got any call or news from her. So today after number of failed attempts and covering a whole distance of saddened phase of his alone, he decided to move on. He deleted every memory from photos to texts to chats to her number. He is a free man now.


After few months………………….

“Hello Zakir.”

“Yes I am.”

“Ruhana here. Want to meet you. Can we?”

“If it is about Jiya then I don’t want to talk. I’m over thi……….”

“Zakir listen. You need to listen to me.” Ruhana said interrupting Zakir in-between.

“What happened? Is everything alright?”

“Nothing is right Zakir. She needs you. She is dying.”

“What!!! What are you saying? Tell me everything.”

“Meet me outside the CS block. I will tell you everything.”

In next few minutes Ruhana was standing in front of Zakir. One can easily guess by her body language that something is wrong.

“What happened?” Zakir asked.

“There’s something very wrong Jiya Zakir.” Ruhana said.

“What is it?” Zakir asked.

“ Lung Carcinoma.” Ruhana answered.

“Hm?” Zakir answered trying to understand Ruhana.

“She is suffering from lung cancer. 3rd stage.” Ruhana said, finally revealing the problem.

“WHAT! What are you saying? How is it even possible?” Zakir asked, surprised.

“I don’t know. She even didn’t tell me about her situation. Few days after you guys broke up; she left the hostel and went to her parents. Maybe she was hiding her condition to us.” Ruhana told Zakir.

Zakir started crying. “I knew something was wrong with her. From the very moment when she broke up, I knew something is not right.” He said.

“Zakir, Zakir hold on brother. Everything will be alright. Don’t worry. She will be fine.” Ruhana consolidated him.

“How she can be so selfish? How?” It was extremely hard for Zakir to hold on. Ruhana also felt helpless in this situation.

“Where is she right now? I want to meet her.” Zakir asked.

“You can’t.” Ruhana told him.

“What! Why?” Zakir questioned.

“Because she’s under diagnosis right now. She’s not even in the city.” Ruhana told.

“Then where is she? Tell me.”


“I will go to her.”

“Are you sure?” Ruhana asked.

“Are you kidding? My life is there, lying on the bed. She needs me. I cannot afford to lose her. Again.” Zakir said still fighting with his tears.

Ruhana came to Delhi with Zakir. Next few hours were supposed to be the heaviest moment in their lives. Especially Zakir.

There she was lying. The girl of his dream. His lifeline was surrounded with number of machines and tubes. She was weak, her beauty was absent, her hairs were lost and the grace was missing. But still she was Zakir’s Jiya, the most beautiful women in his life after his mother.

Jiya was also surprised to see them. Especially Zakir’s presence made her more amused. Tears came out of her eyes. She never felt this helpless. She was confused. Was it the joy of seeing him or the pain of her appearance?

“Have you seen your face in the mirror?” Zakir said to Jiya.

“What are you saying?” Ruhana complained.

“Let him be Ruhana.” Jiya said.

“You look like a new born baby. Just 5 times the size.” Zakir said and walked towards her. Jiya felt overwhelmed with the response.

“We were supposed to be partners. Aren’t we?” Zakir said holding her hands. She kept silent.

“We were supposed to be partners in joy, partners in crime, and partners in just everything. Aren’t we?” Zakir said. Again she kept silent.

“Then who the hell are you to break the bond between us? Why didn’t you tell me about your situation? When did we become strangers? Tell me Jiya.” Zakir asked.

She spoke after a minute’s pause. “Because I didn’t want you to waste your life for a girl who will eventually die in the near future.”

Zakir was stunned by the response. He never thought for such thing to happen.

“You’re right. Why should I waste my life for such a girl who will leave me soon?” Zakir said.

Zakir’s response made Jiya fall.

“Why should I waste my life for a girl who thinks that I will let her go?” he added. “You know what; you are a damn stupid girl. And that’s why I love you.”

He clenched her wrist and started looking into her eyes.

“You are the best thing ever happened to me. Our love is much stronger than your disease. We will fight together and we will come out of this shitty cancer thing together.”

“But Zakir I don’t know how much time I have. Maybe 1 day or week or month. Tomorrow if not today, I will die.”

“Oh shut up. What do you think who I am? Logan? We all will die one day. But ours one day, is too far from now. I will harass you with my pjs for a long time. But for now I won’t let you go so easily because you are my girl. You are wearing the shield of my love. You are the girl in my red jacket.”


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