Make a step

“You are in a garden full of roses waiting for someone. And then the person of your admiration arrives. You are about express your love for the other person and SUDDENLY! You wake up.” A perfect dream sequence. Isn’t it?

But come on guys. That’s just a dream. Wake up, see the reality, embrace your presence and start with what you left incomplete earlier.

Wake up and do whatever it takes to win the heart of your loved one. They are special for you. Aren’t they? Then make them feel that. If you will never express your feelings then how they are supposed to know that?

What are you afraid of?

Do you have a fear for rejection?

But just sitting ideal on your couch struck to your phone screen and wondering that a miracle will happen, will only make things worse. You are just feeding your fear.

Make a move.

Because all you need, is a little push.

Make your mind.

Explain your situation to the heart and step out.

Because this one step, is all you need.

Because this one step, is the path to your miracle.

Because this one step, is your first step to your new life.



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