“Still Untitled”

I was just guessing
At numbers and figures
Pulling the puzzles apart

Questions of science
Science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart”

A new day and a new song stuck in my mind. Actually not new but everyday is a new day and every song holds its specific position.

So, a new Wednesday and a new blog.
But wait!
Why am i writing this?
For whom i am writing this?
For the 8 – 10 bloggers who read my blogs or the 2 – 3 friends who are my regular spectators? What about the rest who don’t bother to check the post on Facebook because its quite lengthy or its just me?
So last week i got a notification from the WordPress community telling me that my blog site is 1 now. Didn’t knew that this will last this long. The blog that started with some filthy stories of my mind’s creativity will turn one this time. Unbelievable.
So congratulations to all of us. Thank you for appreciating my work and thank you (to the one who is not going to read this anyway) for giving me a reason to start this blog.
I have my exam tomorrow but my mind is stuck and doesn’t wants to study. Don’t know the reason. But there’s one thing for sure, this article is not a result of my boredom. The one thing about the group study is maintaining the flow. If it breaks, then nothing can help unless you’re in mood to study. And it breaks down your group partner’s interest too (so if you’re reading this which is obvious, then I’m sorry to break the flow) (also i’m still waiting for your response for the last blog).
(P.s. : Wish me and my group partner good wishes for our exam.)


It went well. Thank god. After so much tension and anxiety it gave me some great results. So overall it was a good day and by the time I’m writing this blog, its already Wednesday.
So whats going on? Well nothing. I again slept in the evening, went out with my sister, had some evening snacks and bought some groceries (YES! I know how to buy groceries and potatoes are 3 kg for Rs. 20 here).
Congratulations summers are here. But they are more intense and hotter now?


Its the end of April and the temperature raise already crossed 40 degrees. It looks like a major concern. I hope the monsoons give some good hopes.

I think i should drop this piece right here because I’m full of words but low on ideas.
So this was the 3rd week of The Wednesday Blogs .
Next week i promise there will be something good to present.
See you again friends.

Till then, take care of yourself because you need to stay healthy to talk to your best friends(even if they are pissed on you).
Good Bye………….


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