38 Hours………..

July 2015


(no reply)

“What happened?”

(no reply)

“What’s that?”

(no reply)

after 5 – 10 more such texts…………..

“Tell me what happened? Why are you not replying?”
there comes a reply,

“Sorry but I don’t want to talk to you.”

and the game of no response continues.

April 2017


(no reply)

“At least say something.”

(no reply)

Actually i received the response after few minutes but why should i tell you all the details.

The main thing to mention is the fear.
2 different personalities.
2 different stories
but same fear of losing out.
Well i lost the battle but won the war.

And this brings me to today’s explanation of another life experience.
People say you get angry only to those who you love. They may be right at some place but what if your anger is pinching the other person? You buff out your anger, say a lot or maintain the silence for hours and sometimes, days. But have you ever imagined how the other person feels for your act?


They feel bit devastated by your behavior and that can bring you on the verge of losing them. That’s something to wonder about.
Before taking any step, before making any scene, before coming to the conclusion on your own, please do me a favor. Before the befores as mentioned above take a deep breath and for a minute, not hours, not days, only for 60 seconds think before you act because one wrong step can vandalize your reputation and above all, your relationship with the other person.

So why am i writing this?

Because that’s what i learnt in my 38 hours of silent exile after my witless act.

Maybe i was right on my side but my act was severely reprehensible.


I cant say that i’ll not hurt you again because i know i am a stupid person. But i assure you that i’ll give my 99.9% not to and by any chance if i do so i want you to pull me out with my ears.

But what about the other 0.01%?

Oh come on, that day will never come.



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