The Box

“Rishi! What is this?” Vedika said.
“What Vedu?”
“This.” She said with a box of some papers in it. Actually letters.

“Mmm (takes a gulp). Thes….tha…..Th…… (Takes another big gulp). Where did you find them?” Rishi said making an unsuccessful attempt to snatch the box and ultimately dropping it resulting in number of letters scattered on the floor and both Vedika and Rishi standing.

One is angry and the other……… Please don’t ask.

Ground Zero, Day Two

“I must have thrown them earlier.” Rishi murmured while working on his project.
“Oh yes Mr Head Programmer. Throw this T.V. out. Throw that dining table too and why to forget your home theatre. Throw that too. Don’t know, you may throw me out too someday.” Vedika screamed. Actually she didn’t screamed at all. But we cannot say she was polite either.

“VEDIKA!” Rishi screamed, actually.
“WHAT?” Vedika screamed even harder.

“Sorry Baby.” And the louder scream wins here. (Everyone please, a huge round of applause for Mrs Vedika Goel.)

“Hein? Sorry? For what?” Vedika taunted.

“Hmmm…” Rishi tried to say something but there were two limitations.

First, his better half was still very angry.

Second, he was getting late for the office.

“See you in the evening baby.” Rishi tried another stroke.

“Go see your love letter fantasy.” Mmm, he failed.

Ground Zero, Day Two, Evening

Rishi and Vedika were married for over a year now so he knows how to make her ‘Vedu’ happy. To his way back home he bought a bouquet of lily flower and a box of her favourite chocolate.

But for his surprise when he reached home the door was locked. He unlocked the door and looked for Vedika but there was no trace of her presence. He tried her phone but iPhone’s legendary ringtone broke the silence of the house.

“Damn.” He said.

“What if she left the house Rishi?” a voice came from his back.
“Who? Who’s there?” Rishi turned and saw his subconscious self. “Ah, no. I don’t think so. She’s mature enough to handle such matters on her own.” Another voice, another inner Rishi.

“Don’t listen to him Rishi. You know how these women are. I’m damn sure your college sins are back from dead.” The black tuxedo Rishi said.

“Will you please shut the fuck up? Look at him. He’s so tensed. Don’t worry brother. She’ll be back.” The white tuxedo Rishi consoled him.

“I think you should book your tickets for Pune.” The black tuxedo Rishi said.

“Pune? Why?” finally the solid particle Rishi spoke.

“She must have gone her parents’ home Na.” The black tuxedo Rishi said.

“No no no no. I cannot let this happen.” Rishi said.

“Hurry Up. Time is ticking fast.” The black tuxedo Rishi said.

Rishi was just about to leave the home then suddenly Vedika arrived with some grocery bags with her.
“Vedika!” Rishi saw her with a complete surprise. “I thought you left for Pune.”

“But why?” Vedika asked. “I’m not going to leave your neck so soon.”
(I must say, she’s quite savage.)

Rishi didn’t said anything and hugged her. For a moment she was surprised but then she saw the gifts over the dining table and hugged him back.
“I’m sorry Vedu. I must have told you.” Rishi said.
“It’s ok. But why did you kept those letters for so long.” Vedika asked.

“Don’t know.”
“But they are beautiful.”
“What? You read them?” Rishi asked.

“Yes. And I’m sorry too.” Vedika said. “But why are they here?”
“Because I never sent them.”
“Why?” Vedika questioned.

“Because I wrote the wrong name in all of them.”

“Aww.” Vedika said and hugged him even tighter.

“Arghhhh. I’m suffocating.” Rishi taunted.

“Get lost you idiot.” Vedika said throwing him away.

“I Love you Vedu.”

“I love…………………cockroacheeeeeeeeeeee.” Vedika initially said and then screamed and held Rishi even tighter.

“Don’t know. Should I hate you to interrupt her or thank you for providing me the best hug you brown piece of white blooded creature.”



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