My Story

May 3, 2017, the last time i updated this section was 3 months ago. It is a big amount of time to explain the whats and whats of your life and i’ll do the same thing here too. I’ve been through a number of emotions during this time period. Happy, sad, amused, surprised, joyful, depressed, upset, distressed, everything in these 3 months.

But what made me get back to this space after this long gap?

I want to get rid of this monster battle going in my head since last few days.

I’m broke.

I’m sad, upset, distressed. I’m not in my regular state.  I turned off my phone for 2 days, distanced myself from everyone else, tried to focus on everything which can divert my mind to an another path. This is not the first time I’m dealing with this. But this time, it is worse than ever.

To everyone out there who say boys are emotionless, boys don’t have feeling, let me clear this myth. We do deal with number of thing in our daily life. We do fear emotional states and our worst fear is the fear of rejection.

I always used to say this one phrase to my friends that “Expectations lead to disappointments” and this is 100% true because today I’m turned down due my own expectations and this is completely my fault.

Maybe this is not my year. Maybe this is not my month. Maybe this is not my week, my day or my time.

But this is definitely  not my moment.

Yes I’m going through a bad phase and i know that like all of the previous experiences this will pass too.

This is my bad phase but i won’t make it my worse.

Maybe I’ll stop the hunt for the missing element of my story. The element that will completely fill the void.

This is my story.

Still under progress and this will take time because when it will come out as a whole piece, it will be LEGEN – wait for it – DARY.


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