38 Hours………..

July 2015


(no reply)

“What happened?”

(no reply)

“What’s that?”

(no reply)

after 5 – 10 more such texts…………..

“Tell me what happened? Why are you not replying?”
there comes a reply,

“Sorry but I don’t want to talk to you.”

and the game of no response continues.

April 2017


(no reply)

“At least say something.”

(no reply)

Actually i received the response after few minutes but why should i tell you all the details.

The main thing to mention is the fear.
2 different personalities.
2 different stories
but same fear of losing out.
Well i lost the battle but won the war.

And this brings me to today’s explanation of another life experience.
People say you get angry only to those who you love. They may be right at some place but what if your anger is pinching the other person? You buff out your anger, say a lot or maintain the silence for hours and sometimes, days. But have you ever imagined how the other person feels for your act?


They feel bit devastated by your behavior and that can bring you on the verge of losing them. That’s something to wonder about.
Before taking any step, before making any scene, before coming to the conclusion on your own, please do me a favor. Before the befores as mentioned above take a deep breath and for a minute, not hours, not days, only for 60 seconds think before you act because one wrong step can vandalize your reputation and above all, your relationship with the other person.

So why am i writing this?

Because that’s what i learnt in my 38 hours of silent exile after my witless act.

Maybe i was right on my side but my act was severely reprehensible.


I cant say that i’ll not hurt you again because i know i am a stupid person. But i assure you that i’ll give my 99.9% not to and by any chance if i do so i want you to pull me out with my ears.

But what about the other 0.01%?

Oh come on, that day will never come.


“Still Untitled”

I was just guessing
At numbers and figures
Pulling the puzzles apart

Questions of science
Science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart”

A new day and a new song stuck in my mind. Actually not new but everyday is a new day and every song holds its specific position.

So, a new Wednesday and a new blog.
But wait!
Why am i writing this?
For whom i am writing this?
For the 8 – 10 bloggers who read my blogs or the 2 – 3 friends who are my regular spectators? What about the rest who don’t bother to check the post on Facebook because its quite lengthy or its just me?
So last week i got a notification from the WordPress community telling me that my blog site is 1 now. Didn’t knew that this will last this long. The blog that started with some filthy stories of my mind’s creativity will turn one this time. Unbelievable.
So congratulations to all of us. Thank you for appreciating my work and thank you (to the one who is not going to read this anyway) for giving me a reason to start this blog.
I have my exam tomorrow but my mind is stuck and doesn’t wants to study. Don’t know the reason. But there’s one thing for sure, this article is not a result of my boredom. The one thing about the group study is maintaining the flow. If it breaks, then nothing can help unless you’re in mood to study. And it breaks down your group partner’s interest too (so if you’re reading this which is obvious, then I’m sorry to break the flow) (also i’m still waiting for your response for the last blog).
(P.s. : Wish me and my group partner good wishes for our exam.)


It went well. Thank god. After so much tension and anxiety it gave me some great results. So overall it was a good day and by the time I’m writing this blog, its already Wednesday.
So whats going on? Well nothing. I again slept in the evening, went out with my sister, had some evening snacks and bought some groceries (YES! I know how to buy groceries and potatoes are 3 kg for Rs. 20 here).
Congratulations summers are here. But they are more intense and hotter now?


Its the end of April and the temperature raise already crossed 40 degrees. It looks like a major concern. I hope the monsoons give some good hopes.

I think i should drop this piece right here because I’m full of words but low on ideas.
So this was the 3rd week of The Wednesday Blogs .
Next week i promise there will be something good to present.
See you again friends.

Till then, take care of yourself because you need to stay healthy to talk to your best friends(even if they are pissed on you).
Good Bye………….

Just Hold On

“What do you do when a chapter ends?‬
‪Do you close the book and never read it again?‬
‪Where do you go when your story’s done?‬
‪You can be who you were or who you’ll become
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh oh, if it all goes wrong
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh oh, darling just hold on”

Oh we are back here. Sorry didn’t realized your presence but that’s not my fault. The song is great and trust me, once you go through this track you will forget the world too.
Well if not, can’t comment on your taste (personal feelings, can’t afford to hurt that).
Sorry i forgot again.

Welcome to the another installment of The Wednesday Blogs . Well the previous post didn’t got that much viewership but that’s OK (not that much, but still it’s fine).
Shall I start?
Lets go then.

Last two weeks went quite uneasy, weak and full of bed rest. Yes i fell sick. But this time it hit me hard. It started on monday morning with mild weakness which was accompanied by 104F fever in the evening. Tuesday was also not that different but it came with a surprise. I got severe rashes on my face. As per the medical consultation, i was suffering from a severe viral fever. And rest of the days went with uneasiness and lost of sleep.
Yes i was sleeping like a bear. Waking up at 8:30 in morning and again caught by sleep by 10 am. Then waking up at 1:30 – 2:00 pm, eating lunch like a bird and again sleep till evening. And even after this much sleep, i closed my eyes by 10:00 pm. So overall i was sleeping for 14 hours a day (approx). Well i’m recovered now but still some aftereffects are there (i’m not going to discuss the details of that, come on, why should i tell you that i was pissed off by the viral? Why?). But guys, take your health and hygiene as a serious priority and when a guy like me says this, you need to consider it (no no, don’t think I’m a guy with biceps and six or eight packs, ultra legends have curves).
While i was on my bed rest i had lots of free time to think, overthink and daydream. And there comes a crucial and sensitive thought.

“Where do i see myself in next 5 years?”

This is a question which hunts me every night. It feels so terrible to be a 21 year old piece of chunk with no future plans at all. You know what’s the worst thing in it?
I know it.

I’m a person with dreams. Call it a visit to Paris or the room with some books and blu-rays. I want to go on road trip but i want that cruiser from my own money. My childhood was great and so was my teen-hood. But i’m standing at a point from where i have to do something for myself, for my family, for my partner (no i’m not in a relationship because ultra legends are friend-zoned too and i’m talking about the future one) (if you don’t know what i’m talking about check The Letter…….).
Well last night i had a short but rather meaningful discussion with my friend. Somehow that cleared my mind by some extent but still, the dilemma is there.

That’s all for today.
If you have some suggestions for me, leave down in the comment section.
And never forget, you are one of your kind. Don’t change yourself (unless it is for good).
Believe in yourself.
Embrace your life.
Learn to love.
Learn to live.

“Because I’m Participating, You have to take part too.”


Every incident described here took place in last 2 weeks of my life.

But why now?

Have some patience and read further.

(Make sure you have some eatables along with you.)

Let’s start?


The Push

Wednesday 29th March

It started as a normal day. Nothing as special to mention. I and my friend were volunteers for the IT Fest that was going to take place on 30th March (the very next day). So we were busy calling other colleges informing them about the various events and confirming their visit.
While I was busy (not that much) I got a call from a friend from another college. As she was representing her institution in two events at the IT fest, she wanted to know about the details of the other day.
Guess what?

While I was telling her about my chores for that particular day she told me to participate in the debate competition.
Wait what? (That was my expression at that time.)
She repeated the same lines two times.
“It’s your college and I’m telling you to take part in the debate competition. Why? Because I’m participating in two events, you will participate in at least one event too.”

I tried my best to resist but you can’t argue with a girl and especially when the girl is your best friend. It took me around 2 hours to decide. But finally, I registered my name for the debate competition.

The Preparation

The Same Evening
The competition was in less than 24 hours and it required a team of two students. I managed to find a partner.
But what about the content?

I think that day the fate also decided to piss me off. I left my evening class at 7P.M. It took me another 20 minutes to reach home. Another few minutes to resettle.
So approximately I sat at 8P.M. with my laptop, totally numb and unaware what to do.
So I started with embracing the god’s gesture, Googling the aspects of the topic.

After 2 hours of research and another few hours of writing I was ready with my 5 page content.
So by 12 A.m. I was sitting with my stack of sheets which I have to prepare (verbally) and present the next day.
The D-Day

Thursday 30th March

What a good start of day.
Well it’s never too hard to increase the blood pressure of an Indian father. That day, the same thing happened. My dad was pissed on me for not waking up on time as I had to leave by 8 that day. But I woke up at 7:10 and I was ready to leave by 7:50 but still, please don’t ask.

So I took a cab to my college and reached there by 8:30 (morning traffic). And guess what, I was the one who reached so early (finally something to be proud of). I called my friends and my debate partner. Well they were at their homes and I was at the college gate.
(Skip to next hour)

So the very next hour I was with my friends (but still my debate partner was on his way).
And then there comes a call. I had to go back to the college entry to get my friend. It took me 2 calls to find her location (such a dumb I am) but that’s not my problem. After all no one can find a person hiding behind a SUV (unless it’s a mountain).

Finally, my partner arrived and we registered for our event. Fortunately we were last to present. Don’t ask about my condition.


Ground Zero: Showtime

Our event started at 12 afternoon.

I was so terrified and scared that it is unexplainable. In my 3 years of college life, it was the very first time I took part in any competition. Add to it, my stage fear.
All of my competitors were way more experienced and presented their institutions at various events (including a university level winner) and on the other side, it was me. If there’s something way deeper than rookie, I was that person.

Then there comes some terrible shocks.

1st: We cannot take help from our sheets on the stage.

2nd: All of the other teams were way more experienced than I thought.
3rd: The culprit who pushed me down from the cliff was not there to attend my event because her timings were clashing with mine.

All of the three were enough to make me feel more horrible.
Well it started, then comes my turn. It was going great until I forgot some lines (in the end). Somehow I managed to survive the fall.
By the time I stepped down the stage I was not expecting for any prize but I gained some confidence and I decided that I will take part in another events in the coming future.

End of the day

Later on I joined my friends and attended other events (as a spectator). Not that interesting nor boring.
Overall it was a day well spent also because I met my best friend after a long time for a long time.
Here’s one more surprise. We both won second prize for our respective events. It was way more surprising for me and I’m still wondering how it happened.
On the end note I like to thank you for pushing me off the cliff. I never imagined myself at that stage speaking for next 4 minutes (yes I still miss your presence that time).

By the way did I told you that you were looking beautiful that day?
I think yes.

The Subconscious Mind

“Hi. I am……..

Actually I don’t have a name because I don’t need one. But sometimes people call me the narrator.

To be more specific I’m the one sitting next to you. Watching each and every action of yours and later telling you that whatever you did was actually ridiculous or coming up with new ideas for a more evolved action which you already performed.

Still didn’t get it?

That’s ok. You usually ignore my presence with you.

This story is about me and my friend. Well let me warn you in advance.

‘It’s a very long story.’

So you better finish all of your work and read this.

And yes don’t forget to take some eatables so that you don’t break the flow while reading this.

And the main question.

Who Am I?

You will find it.”

Few months earlier…………..

“Armaan Sharma?” Said the voice on the other side of the phone.

“Yes.” Armaan replied.

“It’s a call to remind you of your appointment with doctor Batra this Thursday.”

“Oh. Thank you for reminder. I’ll be there on time.” Said Armaan.

The same evening…………

“What happened bro?” asked Hardik.

“Hmm? Nothing. I’m all right.” Armaan said.

“Really? You look quite tensed. Are you hiding something?” Hardik asked.

“No buddy. Everything is good.” Armaan said.

“Really? I don’t think so. It’s been 15 minutes since our order arrived and the foodie is sitting like an old man suffering from constipation.”

“Hmm? Order? Oh. Sorry I forgot.” Armaan said picking up his burger.

“Where are you brother? Stop dreaming with open eyes and come to the reality.” Hardik said.

“I am.” Armaan said taking his bite.

“Would you like come for snooker?” Hardik asked.

“Mmmm, no. I have some work to do. So I think I should push off.” Armaan said.

“Ok. As you wish buddy. Take care.” Hardik said.

“But let’s finish this first.” Armaan said pointing towards the glass of mojitos.

“Ha ha. Yes.” Hardik said.

Armaan was sitting on his couch fiddling with his phone that suddenly something strange happened.

“Who are you fooling man?” came a voice from nowhere.

“Who…Who are you?” Armaan asked, terrified, searching for the source of the voice.

“Here” again came a voice and he saw someone sitting right next to him.
“Whoaaaa.” He jumped off. “Who the fuc…….” He stopped in the middle of his sentence giving a surprising look at the figure.

The person was none other than Armaan himself.

“Hi. I’m Armaan.” Said the person.

He didn’t respond, still surprised.

“Who……who are you?” He asked.

“I’m Armaan.” The person said.

“You don’t fuck me with man.” He said.

“Calm buddy. Ever heard of subconscious mind?” asked the person.

“Yes.” Armaan replied.

“I’m your subconscious mind.” The person said.

“Hmm?” Armaan gave it a puzzled look.


“What?” Armaan said. This time, terribly surprised.

“What what?” asked the person.

“How? How is it even possible?” Armaan asked.

“Let’s not discuss about the possibilities. The real thing is that I’m the only one in this whole world who knows you better than you. So tell me who you are fooling?” subconscious mind Armaan asked.

“Fooling? I’m not fooling anyone.” Armaan said.

“Hmmm?” the subconscious Armaan gave him a rusty look. “It would be a better if you stop fooling me. What do you think I don’t know the reason behind your dilemma?”

“Oh really? Then tell me what it is Mr. Subconscious me.” He said.



“I said Ayushka you deaf person.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Armaan said.

“Ha ha ha. Nice punch Mr. Armaan Sharma. I can’t stop laughing.”

“Logically you are laughing at yourself. Am I right?”

“First tell me. Am I Right?”

“I need to sleep. I have an important appointment tomorrow.”

“I know. Dr. Batra.”

“If you know that, then let me sleep.”

(Narrator’s pause)

By this time, you may have realized who I am.

But if not, read it again.

At Dr. Batra’s clinic………

“Armaan, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s just you sinus which is causing problems. I’m just increasing your dosage and you will be fine.” Doctor said.

“Okay doctor.” Armaan replied.

“If it causes more problems, immediately contact me.”


“Your sinus is a big pain buddy.” I said.

“Oh so you feel too. I thought you are just a mental case scenario.” Armaan said.

“I’m watching you buddy. You are going great with your punch lines. Keep it up.” I winked at him and he gave me his signature rusty look.

“I think your phone is vibrating.” I told him.

“Hmm? Let me check.” He said while looking at his phone. And the way his facial expressions changed, it was an easy guess for me to tell who the caller is.

“Hey. Wassup.” Armaan said to the person on the phone.

“Hmm? Ok. 6:30 P.M. at DD. Okay. See you there.” He said and disconnected the phone.

“Ahaan. Date. We are going on a date.” I said.

“We? Seriously dude? And for your kind information it’s not a date.” Armaan said.

“Yes buddy. We. You forgot who I am? And I know it is not a date. I was just playing with you. With this face the only date you deserve is a court date.” I said. “And don’t worry. I just want to spend some quality time with you. So it’s just Armaan and Armaan time. I’m not going to bother you in public with others. So go son. Enjoy your date.”


“Ok sorry.”


“Well let me tell you one thing. This friend of mine is actually a soft at heart person. Emotional, selectively introvert and a genuine personality.

Ok I won’t brag about myself.”

“Hi.” Armaan said.

“Hello.” Ayushka replied.

“What happened? You look tensed.” He asked looking at her face.

“Nothing, it’s just some few issues with my friend.”

“Oh. So ultimately there’s nothing I can help with.”



“Sorry. How are you?”

“I’m good. And it will be waste of words asking how are you.”

“Shut Up.” Ayushka smiled.

“Finally, the signature smiley.”

“He he. Yes.”

Later that night…..

“That was a great evening.” I said.

“Yes. But she is still tensed I think.” Armaan said.

“About that friend thing?”

“Yes. As you are a part of me, can you give me some idea to cheer her up?” Armaan asked.

“Who me? I think you already did.” I said.

“Hmm? How?”

“By sending her a message. See see, she’s typing.” I said.

“It was a great evening.” Ayushka messaged.
“See, I told you. You already cheered her up.” I said.

“Seems like I did it.” Armaan said.

“It was a great pleasure to see you after such a long time.” He replied to Ayushka’s message.

“I missed you.” Ayushka said.

“In spite of texting you daily, I missed you too.” Armaan replied.

“Aww, really?”

“Yes really.”

“Yes. :-p” she replied.

“Hey you met your doctor today?” Ayushka asked.


“What did he said?”

“Nothing. It was just my sinus.”

“Oh. Get well soon buddy.” Ayushka wished him.

“Hope so.” Armaan said.

“Not hope so. You will be absolutely alright and come out as the healthier version of you.” Ayushka said.

“Aye Aye captain.” He replied.

“Yes that’s good.”

“Thank you.J”

“OK I’ll talk to you tomorrow. I’m feeling sleepy.” Armaan texted.

“Oh. Ok, you can go. Good night. J” Ayushka replied.

“Good night. :-)” Armaan replied back and closed his phone.

“Liar.” I said.


“You are such a pathetic liar. Tell me honestly. Are you really feeling sleepy?”

“Mmmm. No.”

“So why did you lied to the one you love?” I asked.

“Wait, what? Who told you I love her. Dude she’s just a good friend and that’s it.” He said.
“Liar Liar.”

“Stop calling me that.”

“Liar Liar.”

“Will you stop singing?” he said.

“Liar Liar.”

“Liar Liar.”

“Liar Liar.”

“Liar Liar.”

“Will you…………………” he stared at me angrily.

“First tell me who are fooling buddy. I am with you since your birth. Every time, everywhere, I was with you. So it’s better to stop lying and just admit what I said.” I said.

He sat on the couch and started looking at the roof.

“I don’t know if I love her or not.” He said.

“Ok just do one thing. Answer yes or no to my questions. Fine?” I said.

“Fine.” He said.

“Do you feel cherished when she text you?”


“Do you feel bad for her whenever she is sad no matter what the problem is?”


“Do you adore her presence whenever she is near you?”


“Do you feel jealous of people who meet her on a regular basis?”


“I want you to answer this very carefully. What’s the reason behind your constant over thinking?”

He kept silent for a moment.


“I’m done and you know your answers. And I don’t think there’s anything else to say.”


“No If or but. The thing is you love her. And that’s for final. Congratulations you finally realized that you lost your heart to someone beautiful, beautiful and amazingly adorable.” I said.

“Will you listen to me for a second?” he said.

“Hmm? What happened?” I said.

“I hate it.”

“Hmm? You hate it? Whatever you are saying is making me confused as hell.”

“I hate this feeling.”


“Because these feelings are of no use. They are not going to reciprocate in any way.

Dude she’s a good girl and I admit that I love her than anyone else. You don’t know how I feel whenever I see her. I never believed in butterflies in stomach thing but every time I get a glimpse of her, I feel a sweet tickling gesture. Every other time. You know me. You know how restless I become when I never get a word from her. There were days when I used to feel like it’s just opposite sex attraction and nothing else. But later I realized that it is way way more than just attraction.”

I sat there in complete silence. I was looking at him and I knew that his feelings were genuine. The way he was describing her, there was a constant glow on his face.

I know what you are thinking. I’m his subconscious self and I don’t know about his feelings?

Believe me; I was partially unaware of this thing. I knew that there’s something which is bothering me and that’s why I came out of his mind. You people really underestimate the power of the subconscious you.

Let me tell you one thing…………….. Wait, he’s going to say something. Talk to you later.

“I always wanted to tell her about this. But every time I try to do so, I get scared.” He said.

“Scared? Why?” I asked.

“I’m scared of the consequence of my act. I think I will lose her. Maybe I will never see her again after this. Because it’s only me with this feeling. For her, I’m just a friend.”

“But you need to take a step.”

“I know.”

“Then don’t hesitate and go.”

“I can’t.”

“But why?”

“I told you.”

“Either this way or that, you are on the verge of losing her.”


“So why not give it a shot? No matter what will the consequence, at least you tried.”


“So? What’s your decision?”

“I don’t know. I’m still scared.”

“I can understand your feeling. But sitting here, with the feelings kept hard inside the heart is not going to help you. Rest is your decision. Good night.”

“Good Night.”



That’s all.

But why am I telling you all this?

Why am I sharing our personal conversation with you?

Because every story is written for a reason and in a world where the real concept of love is lost somewhere far away, we need to bring it back.

Love at first sight is not a thing. We need to differentiate between the concept of attraction and affection and that’s where things get messed up.

Now that’s up to you guys how you read these words and how you conclude their meanings. No matter what happens next, never be afraid of expressing your feelings because you don’t know what comes next.

That’s it everyone.

Thank you for giving this piece your valuable time.

I know what you are thinking.

What about Armaan?

Well he expressed his feelings to Ayushka a few days later

Things didn’t go as we thought.


 She accepted that she stole his heart.


The Letter…….

Dear Future Partner

I don’t know if you are reading this or not, but for the next few minutes, each and every word here is dedicated to you,  for you by a small piece of you.

I hope you are doing great in your life. Everyday i think of you. I admit your existence. And want to embrace your presence and i know so do you. But still we are unable to do so.

Don’t worry, we will be together soon. You’ve waited for so long, please wait for some more time. There were times when i almost lost hope. There were times when my faith got devastated. There were times when i was lonely with no one by my side. But then it’s today when I’m writing this letter to you.
I’m writing this letter to you to tell you that yes there’s someone out there waiting eagerly for you. I don’t know if you are a complete stranger or someone in my friend list. But there’s one thing i’m sure about is that we will meet soon.
By the time i come across you, i request you to hold on.

Wait for me.

Because I’m doing the same.

Exclusively Yours

Okii Dokii Artichokii

He was sitting in the café situated in the heart of the city, waiting for her.


Don’t misconcept this story as a regular heart aching or head banging story. Our protagonist here is waiting for his best friend.

Let’s come back to the story now.

It’s been like one and a half hours since he was waiting.

“Late again.” He murmured.

So finally after a long tiring and boring wait, she arrived.

“Sorry. I’m really really sorry.” She apologized.

“It’s ok. I’m here since last one and a half hour ONLY.” he said making a silly face.

“Don’t make me feel guilty. I just said sorry.” She said making a guilty but bit irritated face.

“Are we going to play this sorry, it’s ok game whole day?”  He complained.

“Sorry?” she questioned.

“Who the hell is going to hug me idiot. It’s been like 18 months since we last met.” He said.

“Awwww” She said and gave him a tight hug.

“Missed you Bud.” She said.

“Missed you too Panda. It feels so good to see you after such a long time.” He replied. ”Well I think its fine now. Leave me, I’m suffocating.” He joked.

“Hawww. That’s so mean.” She said pushing him back. “So how life is going?”

“Absolutely amazing. Accounts are overloaded, still no money in hands. Bank servers are jammed so if your card works, you are a lucky person.” He winked.

“Dude, stop acting like a finance minister. You sound so boring.” She said hitting his head “Hey you damn fucked up spirit, get out of my Bud’s head. Understand? Otherwise I leave you in such a condition that you will forget your own body.”

“Says the enchantress.”

“Yeah.” She said and started laughing like they are unaware that where they are.

“How’s your hottie dude? It’s been so long without any post or pic.” She asked.

“Ohh She? She left me. 3 months ago.” He answered.

“OOOH. Sorry. Didn’t know that.” She apologized.

“Ah, don’t feel sorry. It’s absolutely ok. Actually I’m happy now you know. You don’t know how feels roaming like an open wild bull around the city.” He said.

“Lol.” She giggled.

“Oh god. Please not again.” He complained.

“What happened?” She asked.

“You know it very well what happened. I seriously, desperately, eagerly want to meet the person who abbreviated a nice decent Hahahahahahaha into the clichéd LOL.” He told making a sick face.

“Awww.” She said making her signature cute face which always made him fall 10 feet deeper.

“Shall we order something? I’m hungry.” He asked.

“Didn’t you have something?” She questioned.

“Yes. 3 glass of water.” He answered.

“Hawww. Sorry it was just the excitement and flow. Sorry sorry sorry. Let’s see what do they have?” She said picking up the menu card.

“Actually we should leave.” He said.

“Why? What happened?” She questioned.

“They have a very boring menu. That’s why I had only water.” He said and laughed.

“Lo…. Hahahahahahaha” She laughed watching his facial expressions as she was going to say which always made him mad.

“Better.” He giggled.

“Fine. So where should we go?” She asked.

“I don’t know. I’m don’t live here anymore. You know this city better than me now. So what do you suggest?” He said.

“Hmmm, I know a place and you are pretty familiar with it.” She said,

“Where?” He asked.

“Come with me.” She said.

“But whe…….” She dragged him before he could finish his sentence.

In next few minutes they were sitting in the basement of the food joint where the budding friendship between both of them grew up into a beautiful flower.

“So tell me girl. What’s going on these days?” He asked.

“Mmmm nothing special. Same boring job, same boring routine and same beautiful dreams.” She winked.

“I thought you loved your job.” He said.

“Yes. I used to, until it became my headache.” She complained. “It used to be pretty decent, good job earlier. But then I realized that you cannot judge a book by its cover. You know when you start something; either you hate it first and love it later or vice versa. In my case, it’s vice versa.”

“Whoa. That’s a whole lot of philosophy. If you hate your job this much then why don’t you quit?” He said.

“I thought of doing so. But what if I quit and don’t find a new job easily? So it would be better if I look for a replacement and then quit.” She answered.

“Hmmm. So found any?” He asked.

“Yes I’ve shortlisted some. Well leave it. Let’s not talk about this boring topic. You came back after this long just to discuss my job?” She said.

“No.” He answered.

“So stop being so formal.” She said.

“Sorry. But I cannot think of anything else.” He said.

“It’s ok. Ah here’s our token number.” She said.

“Hmm.” He said.

“What hmmm? Act like a gentleman. Go get the order idiot.” She giggled.

“Aye Aye captain. “ He said and stood up to get their order.

“Let’s go out.” He said after they finished their meal.

“Why? Let’s sit here and talk Na.” She said.

“I want to experience our old walk and talk.” He said.

“Ah. How can I forget that? Let’s go bud.” She said, excited.

“This time, we will have a long walk.” He said.

“Fine.” She said and both left the food joint.

It was pretty cold outside. But for them, weather condition meant nothing. They talked about everything, like they are not going to meet again. From old friend to how they started talking, old relationships to their classmate’s dog.

“Annie, can I say something?” He said after a long pause.

She knew that whenever he addresses her in this way, there’s something serious. There’s something which is bothering him.

“Is everything okay Faiz?” She asked.

“Oh yes. Everything is fine. It just like I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude and emotions. You don’t know how it feels to be alone.” He said.

“It’s fine. It just the distance that made you boring.” She said.

“Not the distance. Circumstances, fucked up job, singlehood, what’s not there to make me sick. You remember I was the one who always howls about living alone, independent, achieving everything on your own.” He said.

“Yes. I remember. But you’ve achieved a lot. Way more than you expected.” She said.

“But that comes at a price Annie. You don’t know how it feels like being in a city for 4 years but still feels like a stranger, alone. Everyone you meet is just for the career scope. By the end of the day, it’s just you and your loneliness. I’m so alone there. Despite being surrounded by a number of people, I’m alone.” He said.

She noticed him, his voice. Teary eyes, heavy throat. She kept silent.

By the very next moment, she hugged him as tight as she could. All of his emotions, his grief came out as a flood of tears.
“It’s okay bud. It’s okay. Remember, you are not alone. No matter how far we live, not matter how distant we are. I’m always here for you, always. Now don’t cry. You are my strong bud. My stupid bud. My bestest bud.” She said holding in her arms.

“Okii.” He said.

“Dokii.” She said.

“Artichokii.” He said.

“Here comes my old bud.”  She said.