The Box

“Rishi! What is this?” Vedika said. “What Vedu?” “This.” She said with a box of some papers in it. Actually letters. “Mmm (takes a gulp). Thes….tha…..Th…… (Takes another big gulp). Where did you find them?” Rishi said making an unsuccessful attempt to snatch the box and ultimately dropping it resulting in number of letters scattered …

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“Because I’m Participating, You have to take part too.”

Hello. Every incident described here took place in last 2 weeks of my life. But why now? Have some patience and read further. (Make sure you have some eatables along with you.) Let’s start?   The Push Wednesday 29th March It started as a normal day. Nothing as special to mention. I and my friend …

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Afraid of change?

There they are. Dim lights, scary silence, messed up room and them? Sitting in the corner. Thinking about their decision again. Because once again their friend’s attitude towards them left them heartbroken. But why? Just because they thought beyond their regular attitude? Just because this time they thought of being the real version of themselves? …

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